Our Profile

Headquartered in Harare and founded in 1969, NASCOH is the umbrella body of 70 organisations of and for people with disabilities (PWDs) in Zimbabwe, representing the mentally and physically challenged, the visually and hearing impaired, and those with conditions like epilepsy and Down syndrome.  NASCOH’s vision is to be leaders in the holistic empowerment of people with disabilities in Zimbabwe and beyond and its mission is to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities through a well-coordinated membership. Key objectives that guide NASCOH in achieving its mandate include lobbying and advocating for disability friendly legislation and policies, capacity building and coordinating the activities of member organisations, provision of research and information dissemination on disability, and provision of advice on disability to government and interested bodies.

NASCOH’s doctrine is deeply rooted in the practice of mutual dependence – underpinned by the key principles of respect, equity, unity, and mutualism – as the conditions of individual and social upliftment.  The final aim is to empower people with disabilities and to ensure their active participation in political, economic, social and cultural life in a way that is respectful and accommodating of their difference.  It sits on the National Disability Board,  National Association of NGOs’ National Executive Committee and Private Voluntary Organisations Board (PVO).  NASCOH has a fully fledged 13-member secretariat headed by an Executive Director and a Disability Technical Advisor.